Become a Table Captain

Enjoy the evening surrounded by your family, closest friends, and loved ones who believe in and support equality! Become a table captain so that people can choose to sit at your table when purchasing their ticket.

Table Captains are the backbone of ensuring a successful, well-attended dinner each year. As the official recruiters and promoters for the dinner, we partner with our Table Captains to help spread the word about the work of HRC in order to encourage friends and colleagues to purchase tickets to attend the dinner.

Any individual, partners/couple, company, affinity group, or charity group can serve as a Table Captain. Each table can seat a maximum of 10 guests and there is no limit to the number of tables each table captain can host.

IMPORTANT: Table Captains are NOT financially obligated to pre-purchase seats and there is NO penalty for not filling the table.

Email with any table captain, table host, or federal club questions.

Tips for Table Captains

Organizing a Table

Filling your table begins with extending your invitation. Invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or whomever else you feel may have an interest. The best invitation for your guests is a personal one. Invite them in person, by telephone, or e-mail. Use the sample ask letter below and either customize it to better match your tone and style; or send it as is. The most important thing is to extend the invitation.

Start Early! Don’t wait until the last minute. Calendars fill up quickly. Getting on schedules earlier gives you the highest likelihood of successfully filling your table. Even if they don’t buy the tickets right away, your potential guests will be aware of the dinner and of your desire to have them attend.

Why Guests Should Attend

Let your invitees know that this year is a vital one for LGBTQ equality. Given the powerful political, corporate and individual relationships HRC has built over the years, it is uniquely positioned to influence legislation at the national, regional and local levels. Marriage Equality, Workplace Equality, and Community Equality are all key HRC issues.

Attending the Dinner not only reinforces a strong sense of pride in our community, but also provides critical financial support for the HRC to continue its mission. Our Utah Dinner serves as a critical fundraiser for HRC.

Beyond making an impact on our future, the dinner is a fun and energizing evening. The silent auction has some wonderful items to bid on, including travel, artwork, and one of-a-kind experiences. The people at your table, and throughout the event, will be great company. And they’ll walk away from the evening knowing that they’re making an impact on equality for the LGBTQ community.

How Your Guests Choose to Sit with You

Have your guests choose your name from the Table Captain pull-down menu when they are purchasing their tickets for the Utah Dinner. A seat is only reserved by purchasing a ticket for the Dinner.

Questions? Ready to Become a Table Captain?

If you have any questions about the Table Captain process or want to sign-up, just fill out the form at the top of this page.